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* I feel my customers are better served thru old-fashioned personal service. I personally manufacture and use every product I sell. I handle each and every order, making useful suggestions w/colors and sizes to fit your specific body of water that will customize your order, helping you to catch more bass.


* My custom products work well in creeks, rivers and lakes with clear and/or stained water conditions. We have many colors sizes and items, some of which may not be in stock at the time of your order.


* Do you want to be frustrated getting an “out -of- stock “message on your order? Then there is the hassle and cost of returning a product you ordered by mistake. I never liked that when I ordered thru other shopping cart services.


* Your credit card info is processed by PayPal, therefore we do not see or store your credit card information. Your credit card info is not not kept on file. Save the cost of a long distance call by e-mailing me your phone# & area code w/ the best time to call.


* Free Samples: 1 -2 soft-bait samples maybe requested with any order that exceed $45. Jigs and silicone rigged soft-baits are excluded but maybe purchased for specific soft-bait samples that may require them for their recommended performance. Experience the personal service difference at Winco’s Custom Lures.

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