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Fishing and Rigging 4 ¼” & 5 ¼” Stick Worms for Success


@nglers have been successful using the stick worm for many years. The 5 1/4” model is their “go-to bait” for largemouth bass. I also used the available models for two years ago but quickly became disappointed with their frailty and colors. I decided to manufacture my own line of stick worms.


Most manufactures use some salt for weight (to make them sink). I use an ultra-fine salt/sand internal mix which makes a stronger worm vs. one made w/ granular salt. They are also impregnated w/ scent and do not require any additional scent to be dipped, rubbed or sprayed onto the bait. Even though these baits are impregnated w/salt and sand, they’re very flexible and retain the side-to-side shimmy and tail wiggle on the drop.



I fish mainly from a boat. I prefer to “pitch” my 5 ¼ “heavier stick worms vs. “side arm” on a casting rod. Wind can also affect the shore bound angler and boat movement can cause the bait to drag above the strike zone below the surface. Dragging the bait will inhibit the built-in action and will keep your bait out of the strike zone in 6-12’ of water depth. The 4 1/4'' model casts very easily with spinning tackle and is excellent for river applications where current is always a factor. A fishing partner and myself have been very successful adding a Water Gremlin,1/16-1/32 bull shot, crimp-on bullet weight 6” above the worm (split-shot style) in windy conditions. We have experienced this technique to be very productive under adverse conditions. This extra weight of my stick worms also gives the angler the advantage of seeing his line move backwards (towards him or her) when the worm reaches the bottom. Many times the line will move sideways or away from the angler indicating a pick-up. The bass that swim at you are the most difficult to hook and detect.

5¼ & 4 ¼” Models

Most anglers use the 5 1/4” model with success. They work well when bass are aggressively feeding-up during the pre-spawn period. Then the “dreaded cold-front” blows thru shutting down the bite. This is where the 4 ¼” model shines for lake applications - but it’s necessary to fish them to know! I have also been successful using the 4 ¼” model after the fish leave the beds during the post-spawn disappearance of the bass. Try them on the outside edges of weed lines. I prefer not to target spawning bass.


I prefer to use braided line w/a 10’ fluorocarbon leader when fishing stick worms in shallow water in depths of 5' - 12'.
5 ¼” - A 4/0 Mustad Ultra-lock worm hook works well and holds the worm in place when skip-casting.
4 ¼” - The Mustad Ultra-lock worm hook in size 2/0 hook works well and also holds the worm in place.

I prefer to use the 4 ¼” models pre-spawn and the 5 ¼” models post spawn.


I prefer to stick to the basics w/color and flakes. Two over-looked and very productive colors are #09- Black/chartreuse and #11- Black/Pink Glimmer. These two colors work equally well in low light and stained water situations - especially on cloudy days. EVG - #05 (electric violet grape) w/ and w/o the chartreuse fire tail is an angler favorite under most water color conditions. The 4 ¼” Bubblegum color is deadly pre-spawn. Watermelon and green pumpkin seem to be the gold standard throughout the warmer water period.

Here are two pictures below of popular, productive colors.

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