"SUSQY RIVER" 6" Predator Swim'n Worm Kit
(#PSWK)  | 
Watch the 6" and 7 1/4" Predator Swim’n Worm in action
each kit contains 4 weighted flutter heads in 2 sizes

Here’s a new and very effective, finesse, swimming worm/presentation for river smallmouth  bass. The 6'' model is very productive during the summer months for river Smallmouth bass. Color #15-June Bug is incredibly productive under post frontal and slow bite conditions in lightly stained and clear water.Work as a "pull & drop/bait or simply let it settle in the off current/reverse pool pockets w/ an occasional lift. This C- tail worm has excellent living action just drifting along w/ the current .The special worm is texposed rigged on a reduced snag, flutter head w/ BLN/Mustad-Ultra-point hook. The flutter heads swims the worm w/ the hook in an upright position. This gives the angler a slow-fall and excellent hook-ups.