Laminated Wacky Worms (#LWW)
4 1/2" 10@$5.99 | 5 1/2" 10@$6.50

Watch Pro-Staffer "Juan Veruete" explain the benefits of fishing the laminated Wacky worm w/pre-installed "O" ring

These special LAMINATED Wacky Worms are outstanding (from post spawn into early falls) for both smallmouth and largemouth bass. They present a slow falling, wiggling meal to lethargic bass in stained to clear water and excel under post frontal conditions.

These worms feature a heavy -salt and sand impregnated)soft and  flexible body w/ an “O” ring installed on the worm. These worms sink naturally w/ no weight required. I recommend the 1/0 Mustad Octopus beak hook when fishing these worms.

Rig the worm, under the “O” ring and fully exposed on the other side Bass in moving water and lakes usually take these dead-drifted worms with one light tap. Watch your line as the bait falls-they usually will then swim off with the bait.