Helgraleech Kit

Code #HGLK 4.5" @ $12.95


There are various kit prices starting

The basic kit contains 10 soft-baits &
five reduced snag flutter heads

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4 1/2" Helgraleech w/ Custom rigged silicone and "O"ring

4 1/2'' Helgraleech Soft-bait

This soft-bait has lifelike, natural action when rigged properly on a reduced snag, flutter head in 1/8 and 1/4oz. weights.
High floating tails have incredible action on the pause in the retrieve.
Popular for lake / river anglers for both largemouth and smallmouth bass
The basic sells for $12.95 per kit which includes 10 soft-baits and 5 flutter heads.

Available colors: Black,green pumpkin,watermelon,mudpie and susquehanna craw

The kit w/ rigged silicone retails for $24.95 and includes 10 silicone rigged bodies w/ "O" rings and 5 flutter heads.
The silicone rigged bodies w/ "O" rings may be purchased separately for $1.65 each.