Economy Swim-Baits (#ESB)


Sold in 10 packs - 3.00", 3.25", 3.75" and 4.75"

Price $3.95 plain, $4.95 w/ 2 horizontal chartreuse stripes (per 10 pack)

These swim-baits are injected from the same molds as the 3 and 4 color River Darter Swim-baits.

They are available in one solid color- Pearl Hologram Glimmer w/ holographic glitter.

They maintain central balance (when used w/ the recommended and dedicated lead heads) on the retrieve as well as the drop. The slightest movement puts the tail in action. These swim-baits maintain the natural, live bait fish, iridescent flash that make River Darter swim-baits so popular w/superior, bass attracting qualities.

Here's the link for the recommend lead heads.