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Available Colors: Black, Green Pumpkin, Mudpie,
Root Beer Fantasy, Susqy Craw, Watermelon


Now available w/ "O" rings and rigged silicone layers
(add $17 per kit) TOTAL KIT = $33.95

Chillee Willee / Undulator

Cold Water Finesse Kit

$16.95 per kit (Code-#CW/U)

The kit includes:

 1- 8 baits in each style (total 16 soft-baits)
 2- 4 single wire, flexible rock guard football jigs
     with double barbs (2/0 hooks)
 3- 2 open hook football jigs w/ double barbs (1/0 hooks)
 4- Mustad BLN Ultra-point hooks
 5- Available in 1/16* 1/8* 3/16oz weights


These finesse, cold-water soft-baits were developed for river/lake winter smallmouth bass. Smallmouth bass prefer smaller soft-baits that have subtle action as fall water temperatures decline from the low 50’s in to the 40’s. Both jigs feature tails that float up off of the bottom @ rest and move w/ the slightest current and/or twitch imparted from the angler. These two soft-baits have produced excellent results for cold water anglers in the Tri-State Area. Braided line w/ a fluorocarbon leader is recommended on light/medium spinning tackle for best results. Work these baits slowly with a twitch-twitch then short drag- pause routine. Any feeling of weight should be followed by loading your rod w/ a slight tension to feel the “mush-mouthed”, wet leaf feeling indicating that a bass is holding on.

Soft-baits and jigs sold separately here:
20 pack (1 style) or a combo of 10 of each style (20 baits)  $11.95 Code # CW/UO
Painted Football jigs 1/16, 1/8oz. $8.50 per 10 packs with #1 Mustad Ultra-point BLN hooks Code #FBJ-KCWO
Double –barbed, flexible wire rock guard models- 10 pack- $18.95 (1/8 oz.) Code #FRGM

These two soft-baits are designed to be used w/ the provided #1 hook on a 1/8 oz. football jig. Their tails float up, off the bottom creating a natural, fish attracting wiggling action @ rest. The use of any hooks larger than #1 is NOT recommended.